Doorway to Light

Doorway to Light

Best suited for: Self Realization, Healing Relationships,
Building Spiritual Connection, Understanding Life Purpose

What is it?

Our Inborn realities are that,

  • each one of us is an embodiment of Joy and Friendship.

  • each one of us is whole just the way we are.

  • each one of us is born with everything we need to live our purpose.

Sometime, life throws us bouncers and these experiences become so painful that we are stuck with them, far away from our inborn realities. Although painful experiences vary from person-to-person but some of them could be: death of a loved one, sexual abuse, illness, repetitive relationship break-ups, marital problems or a constant struggle in any area of your life. When painful experiences are not dealt with awareness, it leaves us with anxiety, worry, self-doubt, low confidence, low energy to live life, depression, suicidal thoughts and much more.

If you are stricken by any experience of the past which is stopping you to be fully present here and now, ‘doorway to light’ can help you. Our years of experience in many mind-body-spirit modalities help us to address your issue. Some of these modalities are Past Life Regression, Inner Child Healing, Family Constellations, Rebirthing Breathwork, Life between Lives Regression, Angel Readings, Sound Therapy. The usage of modality is based purely on the need of the subject than curiosity.

The healing session ranges between 60 to 90 mins and are conducted in-person or via Skype.

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