The Seven Mirrors in Relationship

The Seven Mirrors in Relationship

Best suited for: Understanding Yourself, Understanding Your Relationships, Creating Harmonious Relationships, Elevating Consciousness
from Sat, 07 Dec '19 to Fri, 27 Dec '19 | @WhatsApp Based Program, Choose Your Own Time

A 21-Day WhatsApp Based Program


What is it?

The Seven Mirrors is an ancient wisdom from the mysterious group of Scholars, known as Essenes who lived 8000 years ago. In their text, the Essenes left us keys to understanding our relationship with the field that is everywhere all the time and they included very precise instructions describing how we use this field in our lives.

Essene Mirrors are based on the fact that every person you meet, every situation you encounter – offers a magical mirror or a new opportunity to see the unknown or unacknowledged within you. When you meet someone who challenges you emotionally you are being given a wonderful gift to see that part of you within this person, including any stubborn and secret shadow-dragons!

What does the Program offer?

  • Audio recordings on different relationships by the facilitators.

  • Daily discussions to understand the mirrors better.

  • Reading material to enhance your understanding.

What do you gain?

  • The value of having the ability to recognize these mirrors in our businesses and our careers and our families, our romance and our health is that by doing so we allow the events of our own lives to become our own spiritual guides.

  • Our own lives lead us to understand our beliefs regarding ourselves and others without having to ask someone else or reference someone else or have someone else interpret them for us.

What all do you need to join the Program?

  • Fully operational and updated WhatsApp on your mobile.

  • Passion towards enhancing your learning.

Who this Program is for?

  • This course is for people who crave mastery and understanding of the deeper mysteries of life - and who don't want their life left to chance.

  • This course is NOT for those who are not yet ready to take responsibility of the fact that they create their own reality.

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