Reviving Relationships

Reviving Relationships

Best suited for: Couple Relationship, Making your Love life Work,
Creating Sacred Space in Spouse Relationship

What is it?

Every relationship has the power to resolve the conflict when worked upon. A relationship when seen in right perspective can open doors to awareness, acceptance and oneness. Reviving relationship is program for couples that integrates coaching and energy work in restoring the respect, authenticity and love in a couple relationship.

Who can attend?

  • Married couples of any age group to deepen their marriage bond.

  • To-be married couple, who would like to lay the foundation for a blissful marriage.

  • Couples who are going through challenging times in marriage and would like to save it.

Session Plan

Three months engagement that includes 10 sessions for each partner.
Month 1: Four Sessions
Month 2: Three Sessions
Month 3: Three Sessions

Setting and Duration

There will be some sessions that couples will undergo together and some separately. The duration of every session is 60-75 minutes.

How does it work?

  • Once you approach the coach, he will help you address your initial queries relating to the program. There will be a small assessment that you and your partner will go through telephonically, to find out if you are committed to transform your relationship.

  • Envisioning Session: In the initial session/s the couple will set their personal and collective goals to pave way to the coaching engagement.

  • Discovery Sessions: Once the goal setting is done, both the partners will undergo one-on-one discovery sessions with the coach. The objective will be to understand the essence of their relationship with each other. Once the learning is absorbed, what seemed to be a challenge, dissolves.

  • Soulful Sessions: Every month, the couple will come together to share the sacred space in the area of coaching. The objective will be to get involved with each other and deepen the insights gathered in take-off sessions.

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