The Brotherhood Circle

The Brotherhood Circle

Best suited for: Breaking the shackles of Toxic Masculinity,
Men wanting to open their Hearts, Men with a Mission
from Sat, 07 Sep '19 to Sun, 16 Feb '20 | @Two Hours Montlhy Meet-ups for Six Months within Delhi / NCR

What is the Brotherhood Circle?

The Brotherhood Circle is a group of men that holds a space for all its members with deep heart-based connection. The aim of the Circle is to bring men together in brotherhood.

The Brotherhood circle is for men to find solutions to their problems, manage inner conflicts and make conscious decisions. It is the circle where men can express their heart, laugh and play, celebrate and grieve together, and learn to love without any judgement.

The intent is to awaken men to reclaim their authentic masculinity and become the best man possible in their life, not only for themselves, but for the other people in their lives and for the mother earth.

Why do we need the Brotherhood Circle?

In the ancient times, we have heard the stories of our ancestors sitting in circles. These circles create more wholeness, balance, and equality for all who sit in them. It supported them in who they were and who they wanted to be.

With the changing society, these circles have also moulded its approach. These have turned in to bonding sessions done either in Sport Clubs or Workplace. But we don’t realise that this type of bonding instils competition in us. It wants us to do better than the other. It doesn't want a man to be a friend to another man. This is the main cause why men end-up fearing each other.

Our society wants men:
- to be aggressive and competitive.
- to be non-expressive and mock the ones who express their feelings openly.
- to be dominant than being equal.
- to never cry because crying is sissy.
- to portray men who’s strong, with undeniable warrior spirit.

Somewhere we (even men) have forgotten that
- If men have the right to be heard, they can be more alive to their family than being numb, sitting in their own shell.
- If men are allowed to express their vulnerability, they can be more accepting of women.
- If men are allowed to trust the language of the heart, it will drastically bring down rapes and women exploitation.
- If men are encouraged to soften, a new path for the world can be set in motion.

A sacred man walks with the light of compassion in his heart. The beginning of this can only happen, when all men are allowed to be themselves and share their story without being attacked or judged.

What happens in the Brotherhood Circle?

The members of the circle are called 'Brothers'. Every meeting is set with an intent in the beginning and then we share and listen. Sometimes we share what has been bothering us recently. Other times we talk about specific or random topics based on the energy of the group. Such as Sacred Masculinity, Relationships, Money, Personal Growth, Masculine Archetypes, Parenting, Trust and Surrender, Vulnerability, Beliefs System, Shadow Work, Health etc.

Who can join the Circle?

16 or 60, bald or hairy, beard or clean-shave, working or unemployed, all men are welcome. All you need is the willingness to open a door of your heart that hasn’t been opened yet.

Duration and Dates

6 Months
A commitment of two hours every month for six months starting 7th September, 2019
Meet-up Dates: 7th Sept'19, 6th Oct'19, 10th Nov'19, 15th Dec'19, 5th Jan'20 and 16th Feb'20. All dates are weekends.
(All brothers need to attend all the meet-ups)

Contact for More Information

Contact Hitesh via email at or Call at 9899407177

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