The Root Cause of all Relationship Problems

It is natural to face conflicts in our couple relationship. In such times, we usually have two strategies to resolve. First, we turn away from our partner and become cold in relationship. Second, in case we choose to talk it out, our focus goes to battling against our partner’s accusations, insults and blames. We think that it is going to make the relationship back to normal, but it hardly does. Our best intentions can resolve the conflict peacefully, yet we don’t know what happens when we talk to our partner about the subject.

When the conflicts are not dealt, it breeds resentment. So, what is that one thing which is the root cause of all are relationship issues? It’s Resentment. It can be defined as annoyance towards the partner for not treating you fairly.

What can you to let go of it? Here are the three areas:

Intention: Keeping an intention of resolving the conflict by working with your partner than working against him or her. It’s not only you who is affected by it, your spouse is equally bearing it, even if he or she doesn’t know what has been bothering you.

Focus: Your heart will open-up naturally and the compassion will descend, if you honestly focus on understanding your partner’s perspective than your resentment.

Acceptance: Grow acceptance of your partner. There are no wrong choices in the Universe. You and your partner are put together because you both are a best match to each other in this moment. Try to self-reflect, what is your partner trying to teach you at the soul level?