Shallu Verma

My life was encapsulated by my own complexes of unworthiness and inferiority. I had everything which a married woman would wish for – two lovely teenage children, a supporting husband and enough resources to live life happily. Despite of this i was not finding myself capable to live joyfully and give my 100 percent to my relationships. Working with Hitesh and Shubhangi helped me realised that the root cause of my feelings was my own wounded Inner Child that was seeking my love and approval. With Hitesh and Shubhangi’s support, I could dissolve my complexes fully and embrace life in fullness.
Today, I see myself as a transformed self who is deeply connected with her own children and husband. I also teach meditation to school children, take part in community initiatives and do all that my heart calls for.
I am becoming present to life and I am so happy for it!