Vandana Jain Rishi

Once upon a time there was a woman unaware of the baggage of hurt and pain that she
was carrying around for 34 years of her life. Life felt difficult, as it spilled in relationships and areas around her. Eager to get some answers for herself she enrolled for a two day workshop on Inner Child Healing, and revisited the pain and trauma she had experienced as a 11 year old. It was the most painful understanding of her existence but she cannot be more thankful to the process today which has helped her offload that burden and walk with a purpose, one to discover more about herself.
The woman I talk about is me and the awareness I received was with the help of the workshop facilitators, Hitesh and Shubhangi. The learning motivated me to attend another workshop with them, on Family Constellations and Transgenerational Healing. This workshop brought about even a better understanding about the script of my life. The relief, joy and excitement that I experienced with these workshops cannot be summed up in words. I am grateful to Hitesh and Shubhangi and look forward to more work on myself with their help and support. It’s them for me here and now!