The Four Archetypes of Masculine

The Four Archetypes of Masculine

MAR 20, 2019


Robert Moore, a Jungian psychologist mentions that our masculinity is made-up of four archetypal male energies which serve different purposes. He says that to become a complete man, a man must develop all the four archetypes. These four types are King, Warrior, Magician and Lover.

A man who has fully developed ‘the Lover’ archetype in his life is adept at reading people and social cues. He’s empathetic with others and understands how to get along and connect with a wide variety of people. Because of his alive attitude, he enjoys all of the life’s pleasure and the purpose behind is living a life of meaning and purpose.

A man who has fully developed ‘the Warrior’ archetype in his life is aggressive to meet his goals, has a clear and definite purpose and carries minimalist baggage. He is flexible, decisive, disciplined and loyal. A Warrior man is a creative destroyer as he destroys in order to make room for something new & fresh and more alive.

A man who has fully developed ‘the Magician’ archetype is the knower. He has the secret and hidden knowledge of all kinds. It is the knowledge that one learns in degrees and to master it, takes great effort and diligence. He is reflective and looks ways to turn disappointing situations and setbacks into opportunities to learn, grow and become a better man.

A man when fully developed ‘the King’s’ archetype, starts living his full godlike potential. He is an amalgamation of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. He is centered, decisive, inspiring and leads life with integrity. If he is the one who blesses the lives of other then he is also the one who doesn’t shy to use his aggression to protect his people and realm (be it home, office or nation) from enemy forces. He the one who leaves a legacy behind.

Do you see any archetype which is most dominant in you? Which archetype do you feel attracted to and why?


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