What in me has changed in these 9 years?

What in me has changed in these 9 years?

JUNE 17, 2017

16th June, 2008 was the day when I was introduced to the world of Meditation by my elder sister, Shaveta Sharma over a phone call. Since then, I have never looked back. It was only after this introduction I grew to my purpose. Some amazing and life transforming learning has happened for me in these 9 years.

I learnt, that :

  • Life is all inclusive. Good and Bad are our given definitions.
  • Regular Meditation helps us to stay in awareness throughout the day
  • Physical and Spiritual Worlds are not different. Bringing our spirituality in the physical world is the best combination.
  • ‘Present Moment’ is magic wand that can change things in life
  • Trust and Surrender in the divine force are the best ways to unfold magic in life.
  • Emotions are like our babies and need to be handled gently and lovingly.
  • Our perception of God defines the God. For me now, God is loving, caring and all approving.
  • Door to healing opens after acceptance of who and where we are.
  • Relationships can be transformed into loving and fulfilling one if we are committed to heal our inner mirror which is creating this experience in the outer world.
  • Our Relationship with our body, mind, money and outside world or anything is the reflection of how we feel about ourselves.
  • Life is a celebration and needs to be celebrated in its entirety.
  • In the end, lesson is always Love


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