Build a Productive, Creative and Fulfilling place to work

The word ‘Stress’ is no more a taboo in our lives. It is widespread and we all experience it at varying levels. Not all stress is bad, but when it is left unattended and prolonged, it can cause the physical and emotional health issues. One of our common responses to stress is the feeling of burnout where we build cynicism as well as a detached attitude towards work, personal life, family and friends.


  1. In a workplace where a high level of pressure is prevailing because of odd and long working hours, with demanding work pressure, stress is likely to be ‘a default recruit’ there. United Nations has recognized Workplace Stress as a Global Epidemic. Another research mentioned that more than 40% of the illnesses are attributed to workplace stress.
  2. The workshop is designed with worksheets, assessment tools, and experiential activities to understand the physiology of stress, what causes stress in my life and powerful tools to deal with it.