30 Day Meditation Mastery Program

30 Day Meditation Mastery Program

Best suited for: Learning Meditation from the comfort of your home,
Building a strong connection with Self, Self Healing, Living Joyfully
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What will the Program offer?

  • 15 Recordings on different Guided Meditations to practice meditation anywhere, anytime during the day.

  • Manual to track your daily practice of Meditation.

  • Become a part of group activities to make your practice fun.

  • Doubt clearing by Facilitators.

  • Reading Material on regular basis as a freebie to enhance your understanding about the Science of Meditation.

What all do you need?

  • Operational WhatsApp on your mobile

  • Devotion for minimum 30 minutes every day for 30 days

  • Devotion towards unlocking ‘Your Real Self’

What will you learn?

What do previous participants say about the Program?

  • "This has been an amazing journey of discoveries and learnings. My deepest gratitude to you both for your generosity in time, effort and guidance for each on of us under your wings during this process. The love and patience with which you have handled each query is commendable. The tool you have equipped me with will remain a support for a lifetime".
  • Dilmeet, Soul Sanctuary - Founder

  • "I just want to thank you both for providing me this wonderful gift of meditation. It's Priceless! I am practicing it daily and loving every bit of it. Never realised earlier that silence can be so wonderful."
  • Shikha Gupta, Director, Shapes - a Personality Development and Soft Skills Training Center

  • "During last 30 days I have gone through so many ups and downs, swings of joys, sorrows and stressful situations but I feel most of times that I am just observing all this from a separate place. I have noticed that I have become stable than before in all kinds of situations."
  • Ankush Mittal, Entrepreneur

  • "Each meditation brought something new to the surface. Each meditation was better than the rest."
  • Sneha Goenka Agarwal, Food Blogger

  • "This Course is a must as many lifestyle diseases are increasing because of stress related ailment. I have begin to recommend this Program to all my Patients for easing down stress."
  • Dr. Amit Gupta, Ophthalmologist

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