Exploring Energetics – a way forward with Organisational Constellations
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Exploring Energetics – a way forward with Organisational Constellations

Best suited for: Business Decision Making, Leadership, Understanding Energy Dynamics in Organisation

What is it?

Organizations can sometimes experience struggle in growth due to talent management issues, blame games, power struggle, office politics and rivalries. Other issues could be the need for organizational restructuring, organization development and product profiling. It is important for a leader to gain clarity on the energy dynamics of their organization so that decisions can be taken in a holistic view.

Organisational Constellations offer a mechanism of uncovering the hidden dynamic in a business. It helps you to seek resolutions that can restore the systemic flow energy at the workplace. What might take years in consulting relationship can happen in an hour of constellation time.

Application of Organisational Constellations

  • Team Effectiveness

  • Strategy Development

  • Organisational Restructuring

  • Leadership Effectiveness

  • Coaching Individual Performance

  • Recruitment and Retention

  • Decision Making

  • Brand and Product Positioning

What will you learn?

  • Gain a systemic approach to your professional work.

  • Develop greater awareness and sensitivity to systemic issues at your workplace.

  • Gain a holistic clarity about your area of concern and the way forward.

Each private session ranges from 60-75 minutes. An average of three sessions can help a decision maker understand the concept, set-up and explore your workplace issue. To book a private session, click at Reserve Spot

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