Inner Child Healing – <I>Reclaim your True Self</I>

Inner Child Healing – Reclaim your True Self

Best suited for: Self Love, Emotional Mastery, Healing Childhood Wounds and Letting go of the Past Trauma

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What is it?

  • Do you feel lonely?

  • Have you seen your parents fighting when you were a child?

  • Do you fear that your marriage is not going to work just the way it didn’t for your parents?

  • Are you clueless about the way your child shows his/her anger?

  • Do you find it difficult to trust people?

  • Were you abused physically, mentally, emotionally or sexually as a child?

  • Are there incidents of intense shame or guilt that you experienced in childhood?

If your answer to any of the above questions is ‘Yes’, then, it is likely that your Inner Child needs your embracing.

Research says that a major part of human’s beliefs are developed by the age of seven. And if one has had a traumatic childhood, one tends to carry the anger, guilt, shame, and sadness within, irrespective of how much one has grown, physically and intellectually.

Regardless of our physical age, there is a child within each and everyone of us. It is all loving, joyful, intelligent and innocent. We all were born with these traits but as we grew-up, the parental control, social pressure and conditioning adulterated us. We lost our connection with our Godlike self. As a result, in later years of our life, we struggle to live life joyfully. We continue to live like this, until one day we choose to embrace our Inner Child.

This two day workshop will help you to reclaim your Inner Child and liberate you from the long standing emotional baggage.

How will it help?

  • Deepen your connection with self, the prime source of Joy.

  • Learn healthy ways to deal with your emotions like anger, fear and sadness.

  • Open new doors of connection with your parents, which is humbling and fulfilling.

  • Heal the inner critic.

  • Grow Self-Esteem.

  • Free yourself from fears deep rooted in your childhood.

Who can attend ?

  • Who are interested in healing their childhood wounds to transform the adult that they are today.

  • Who are interested in becoming good parents and teachers or anyone who is working with children

  • Who are looking for Inner Transformation and Spiritual Growth by discovering their true selves completely devoid of all illusions and pretenses.

Contact for Registration

Sarabjeet : 8800246009, Shubhangi : 8447630590

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