Past Life Regression & Spiritual Science

Past Life Regression & Spiritual Science

Best suited for: Self Healing, Understanding Soul's Purpose, Understanding Root Cause of Your Challenges
from Sat, 06 May '23 to Sun, 07 May '23 | @Delhi

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This course is approved by Quantum Life University, Hyderabad and qualifies you for a therapist training program

What is it?

Have you ever wondered,

  • who are you?

  • why are you here?

  • what is the purpose of your life?

  • why have you attracted challenging situations or hiccups in your life?

  • why are some relationships painful?

If you have ever pondered on these questions, then Past Life Regression can help you bring clarity into it. PLR is not just an experience to satisfy your curiosity. It can have an immediate or gradual, life-changing effects on your life! This workshop gives you an opportunity to get to the roots cause of challenges you maybe facing in any sphere of your life, be it, health, relationship, career or spirituality growth.

Many participants after understanding their journey have experienced,

  • a deeper understanding of themselves and their life purpose.

  • lightness, as if some baggage has been taken off their shoulders.

  • the dissolution of stumbling blocks and obstacles in their lives.

  • the healing of broken relationships.

  • the release of fears and anxieties.

  • opening of new doors and avenues in life.

How will it help?

  • Uncover the Journey of your Soul.

  • Become aware of the root causes of your present life circumstances and situations and thereby understand the cause-effect relationship.

  • Heal yourself at Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual level.

  • Heighten your Intuition with many ESP exercises.

  • Get insights on your Life Purpose.

What will it cover?

You shall begin by exploring your childhood and womb memories, and gradually stepping back in time to explore the root cause of your health, relationship, emotional issues and a lot more. Not only this, you will also experience a connection with our own Higher Self and take guidance for your current lifetime.

Who can attend?

This very intensive workshop on soul-journey and self-discovery is very useful for individuals:

  • Who are interested in finding out their life-purpose and blueprint, and acquiring useful insights that would help them in manifesting their highest potential.

  • Who are looking for Inner Transformation and Spiritual Growth by discovering their true selves completely devoid of all illusions and pretenses.

  • Who wish to receive intensive training in the Past-Life- Regression Therapy. Please note that this workshop is a pre-requisite for the 6-day Residential Training Program on Past Life Regression Therapy.

Contact for Registration

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