Sacred Breath

Sacred Breath

Best suited for: Self Healing, Emotions Mastery, Stress, Enhancing Energy Levels

This course is approved by Life Foundation, Hyderabad and qualifies you for a therapist training program

What is it?

Breath is sacred. It animates our body, it gives force and power to our words, chants and songs, and it enables us to purify ourselves and our cells. It gives meaning and language to our being. It can carry great wisdom (or foolishness) and it can store power or send it outwards.

It is your birth right to be walking-breathing-living-light on this earth. This journey with sacred breath will assist all your bodies to experience oneness with 'the Spirit' while still being in the physical realm.

You will be introduced to the one of the most ancient techniques of breathing that was followed by many immortal yogis to cleanse their bodies from the Emotional Energy Pollution.

How will it help?

  • Gain Self Mastery by building affinity with your Breath.

  • Use the power of Conscious Connected Breath to heal your physical, mental and emotional blocks.

  • Work on the Fifteen Biggies of Human Trauma and pave way to a Joyful Living.

  • Discover to reprogram your Subconscious with breathing techniques

  • Choose Life urge over Death urge.

Who can attend?

This very intensive experiential workshop on self awakening and self-discovery is very useful for all those who would like to learn the subtle language of the breath and use it for self-growth are welcome to join.

Contact for Registration

Sarabjeet : 8800246009, Pritee : 9873342557

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