Shine From Within  – Workshop for Pre-Teens and Teens (11-17 Years)

Shine From Within – Workshop for Pre-Teens and Teens (11-17 Years)

Best Suited for: Developing Self Love, Better Relationships, Dealing with Anxiety, Gaining Awareness, Enhancing One's Potential

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What is it?

The journey of our kids is both incredible and demanding. Our children have the potential to become outstanding mentors and leaders but, at times, fail to uncover their greatness because of the impact negative beliefs or past bad experiences have on them.

"Shine from Within" is a Preteen and Teen program designed to help them to be able to love themselves and find happiness in their lives irrespective of the circumstances and challenges that they may experience. It is meant to awaken them to their higher potential by entrusting their faith in their authenticity.

Teens would be exposed to the time tested proven techniques and strategies of building self-love, transforming fears and developing awareness.

What will your Teenager learn?

  • A daily 5-minutes practice that can help them achieve their goals
  • Creating better relations & collaborating with others
  • Inculcating Mindfulness
  • Developing emotional resilience
  • Practice tools to transform fears
  • Learning to handle bullying

Contact for Registration

Hitesh @9899407177, Shubhangi @8447630590

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