Soul Matrix Reading

Soul Matrix Reading

Best suited for: Gaining better perspective on your Life, Understanding your Soul's Plan,
Soul Lessons, Pre-Birth Planning, Connecting with Higher Self

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What is it?

A matrix is a vibrational field and your soul matrix is your personal vibrational field that is influenced by your thoughts, words, feelings and deeds right from the evolution of your soul. It holds your past, present and future possibilities. This field is ever expanding, till the time you are in the process of exploration from one lifetime to another.

The primary experience of looking into your Soul Matrix is one of being known, loved and understood. Perceptions, awareness, and insights that are not commonly available to us are apparent gifts of this matrix. To be embraced in the energy matrix of your soul is to be received with great love, respect, and appreciation.

The Soul Matrix Readings (SMR) are a powerful access for those who are looking for something deeper THAN predictions and desire to hear their soul-level truths.

What can you expect from a Soul Matrix Reading?

In a typical reading, I access the information from your matrix based on your questions. You could get exposed to the information on your past lives, soul lessons, pre-birth planning, soul tribe, messages from your higher self and much more. It is NOT a psychic reading or a future prediction reading. Know that the degree of exposure to the information in Soul Matrix is dependent on your degree of readiness to listen to everything with deep love for self, others and the matrix.

A Soul Matrix can offer:

  • Clarity on the life’s path

  • Peace, which in sync with the heart

  • More confidence and self-love

  • Awareness of your Soul’s gifts and talents

  • Transcendence of your limiting beliefs and patters

How is it done?

Once you have booked a reading, here’s the process that we follow:

  • I will ask you the questions or life situation on which you wish to seek clarity. For that, I will share a questionnaire, where you would write down the details and share.

  • Based on your questions, I will tune into your Soul Matrix. I use different ways to collect information. It is a mix of information channeling from Sundaram (my Higher Self) and messages received in deep meditations. At times, I access the matrix through dreams during my sleep.

  • We then proceed for a sharing session, in which, I would share the information received and help you build clarity on your areas of concern. I might also guide you for a meditation, if needed. This usually helps in absorbing the shared information to the best.

  • A session usually ends with listing down of the takeaways and way-forward by the subject.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are sessions conducted?
    The Sessions are available in-person or via skype and phone call.

  • What type of questions I can ask?
    The best types of questions to ask in your reading are questions that start with ‘how’, ‘why’ or ‘what’. You will get richer answers and more clarity with these types of questions than by asking simple ‘yes or no’ questions. Also, avoid questions beginning with ‘when’ because the matrix is beyond the illusion of time and everything happens in ‘now’.

  • How long does the session take?
    Before the session, I access your matrix and it takes me about 2-3 days normally. Post that, the sharing session is 45 – 60 minutes.

  • Can the Soul Matrix be accessed for all the subjects?
    The access to the Soul Matrix is dependent on a subject’s openness to receive the divine guidance. What makes the matrix inaccessible is presence of a lot of fear, which, in turn makes you anxious about what might surface from the matrix.

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