Ultimate Success Leadership Program
One-On-One And Group Coaching

Ultimate Success Leadership Program

Best suited for: Becoming a Conscious Leader, Handling Team Emotions, Coping with Stress,
Team Building, Becoming a Coach

What is it?

The essence of leadership has been evolving with the evolution of ages that humanity has gone through. With the advent “Age of Consciousness”, business need Leaders who are Authentic, Self-aware and can lead others in bringing out best in them. True Leadership is not about imbibing the leadership qualities, it is about building a perspective from which one sees the world.

USLP is a tailor-made coaching engagement specifically designed for business decision makers to not only just use head element at workplace but also blend it with heart and hands. Notwithstanding, the current belief system in leading people, USLP is about raising the ‘Conscious Leadership Quotient’ which is more authentic and fulfilling. Built around the Five Dimensions of creating ultimate success, this programme is potent enough to meet the needs in personal or group coaching set-ups.

What will you learn?

  • Master Yourself

  • Become an Authentic Inspiration for others

  • Maximize your Leadership Potential

  • Empower others

  • Engage Head, Heart and Hands in your work

Who can attend?

  • Business Owners who want to attain fulfilment in their work

  • Leaders from Organisations who want to run workplace in an Inspiring way

  • Young business owners who want to make big in their business, ‘a different way’.

  • Leaders ‘to be’ who are going to take-up decision-making role for an organisation or their own business in future.

Program Duration

  • USLP – Intensive

    Intensive program is a laser focus six months engagement and has everything a leader or “leader to-be” needs to achieve milestones in personal and professional life. Not only it grooms you, it also prepares you to be the one who can coach others to awaken the highest potential in them. The Intensive Program covers all the five dimensions of the ultimate success.

  • USLP – Take-off

    Take-off program is a three months engagement that builds the foundation of the coachee in two important dimensions (out of five) of creating ultimate success.

To know more about the program, drop-in a message at hitesh@lifehereandnow.co.in

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