A Bowl of Love

A Bowl of Love

Shubhangi and I are passionate about cooking together. Every time we cooked together we observed the fire on stove didn’t only cook meals but also cooked love, compassion, laughter, deep listening and awareness. We find this practice extremely moving and gratifying. Thus, we married our passion with our life purpose – to serve.

A Bowl of Love is an initiative where we prepare meals by ourselves, pack and distribute them. Currently, we do it once a month for 20 people but we intend to take it to 100 people a month.

Be a part of a Bowl of Love Initiative

Option 1: Start your own a Bowl of Love Initiative. It’s a great way to bond and serve. Here’s the way

  • Cook a meal for 5 or 10 or any number that you are comfortable with.
  • Cooking together is real fun, so engage as many people as you want.
  • Remember to love and care.
  • Pack it nicely.
  • Distribute!:)

Option 2: You can support us by buying grocery that is needed for a monthly cycle.


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