Feel the Feelings

Feel the Feelings

MAY 30, 2014

Do you allow yourself to feel your feelings? When we don’t feel our feelings, we lose touch with the free flowing self.

Kanika is a 25 years old girl who joined us a month back in our Inner Child Workshop. She is a top performer in her office and always rated high for her work. Every time I looked into her eyes, I saw innocence and purity. But there was some sadness that I always sensed around her. She showed her interest to join for the workshop stating that she has started to lose her temper on petty things. And at times, she would not know how to deal with her emotions. She lost her father when she was 10 years. Her mother really had to struggle a lot to raise three children. Kanika, being the eldest of all the siblings showed a paradigm shift in her level of responsibility. Her focus since then was to study hard, earn well and help her family. Whenever she would share anything about her father, her pain of not having father would become very obvious in her eyes. Her grief of losing her loved ones had not been fully felt ever. After meeting with her inner child, we asked her to draw her inner child. And she drew a child who is hiding behind a door (picture 1)

Grief is the healing feeling. We heal naturally if we just allow ourselves to grieve when needed. We asked Kanika, to grieve for the loss of her father. By feeling her feelings, the clouds of grief started to fade and bright light showed its way inside. Today, when I see her, I see a different shine in her eyes. She is much calmer and doesn’t lose her temper. Now, she enjoys sound sleep at night and has started to meditate regularly. It’s wonderful how grieving the pain once and for all has made her so radiant. We asked her to draw her Inner Child again and this time, the child has become complete (picture 2). Look at the shift in the usage of colours that have come in her drawing. The child is seeing you confidently into eyes (pic 2) than who was hiding due to shame, grief and remorse (pic 1).

Be silent for a minute and ask yourself, how am I feeling right now? Whatever the feelings are- pleasant or unpleasant, accept it without any judgment. Say it to yourself, “I accept my feelings, I am at peace with my feelings. I now chose to experience peace in my life.” For you, the shift happens when you feel and accept


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